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June 1 - July 31: Outdoor Digital Exhibition
2024 A&E Artists-in-Residence
Meet the new artists activating the Fulton County Public Art Futures Lab in partnership with A&E Atlanta.
2023 Annual Report
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Who We Are

Arts & Entertainment Atlanta = Creating Light, Activity and Vibrancy

A&E Atlanta is an initiative that leverages revenue from commercial advertising to fund arts programming in Downtown Atlanta. This cultural innovation effort blends new outdoor media, local artwork, accent lighting, and digital and static signage. Buildings and previously blank walls are activated to infuse the city's core with light and vibrancy.

The district self-funds its management and programming through revenue-sharing agreements with media companies within the district and is limited to a total number of 25 sign locations. Currently, there are 14 active locations within the district each with one or more signs; some are digital displays and others static banners.

Arts & Entertainment Atlanta is managed by the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID). An Advisory Council is in place, comprised of individuals that represent the community, among them Downtown residents, business, entertainment, and arts + culture leaders.

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Arts & Entertainment Atlanta sponsors grants and competitions throughout the year.

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2021 Year End Review

Creative Artists Engaged
Revenue Generated
Funds Dispersed Directly to Artists