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Lyrik London

Project Support Grant - Dance Performance

Lyrik London is a choreographer/director/designer from Nashville, Tennessee. His love for music blossomed as a child–which assisted in fostering his talents of learning to dance,  sing, and write. His passion for creativity provided Lyrik with opportunities to excel in the  arts. He has been featured in plays, talent showcases, TV shows, and dance competitions across  the nation. Lyrik made the life-changing decision to focus on his passion for music and  choreography while attending Tennessee State University. He immediately relocated to  Atlanta–beginning his success-driven journey.

Grant funds will support "WONDALAND: A Dance Musical", a groundbreaking artistic endeavor that reimagines the beloved classic "Alice in Wonderland." Alice is a young woman deeply in love with her boyfriend, Prince. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they are suddenly ambushed and abducted. In this fantastical world, the characters have been reinvigorated and modernized, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved story.

In their visual works, Lyrik London strives to create a harmonious marriage between the auditory and the visual, where music and storytelling converge to create immersive experiences. Their dance films and performances are extensions of the narratives they explore, offering a dynamic and emotional dimension to their artistry. Overall, Lyrik London's work is a celebration of love, connection, and community, and is sure to leave a lasting impact on those who experience it.

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