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Kiah Clingman

Project Support Grant - Film 

Self-proclaimed underdog of indie filmmaking, Kiah Clingman finds purpose in uplifting the voices of the unheard and bringing awareness to ignored and misunderstood topics. Adopted by Atlanta, Kiah is a passionate advocate for telling stories about her second home and making sure her crew and talent on screen reflect the city.

The film "Her Pretty Vagina" is a dark comedy film that encourages women to overcome judgment and stigma by normalizing conversations around HPV and endometriosis, helping women to take control of their health, and equipping the audience with knowledge that can prevent cervical cancer for themselves and loved ones.

In 2019, Kiah traded in her salary job for full-time storytelling. Since then, she's created 2 features, 17 short films, 2 web series and various branded & digital content. She produced the film “Black Santa”, which premiered at Tribeca 2022. She wrote and directed her SAG short, “Eavesdropping on the Elders,” which received 17 Official Selections and won "Best Film" twice, and can be seen on Revolt. Kiah produced two feature films, “The Comeback” and “Boxed In 2”, both airing on Peacock Fall 2023. She was recently named the winner of the Tribeca - AT&T Untold Stories Program where she and her team were awarded one million dollars to produce the feature film, “Color Book.”

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