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Good Soil Production + Management

Project Support Grant - Comedy & Improv Performance

Good Soil Production + Management LLC is dedicated to amplifying and supporting Black artists, as well as voices that have historically diverged from established norms. We collaborate with artists and produce theatrical shows that embrace eclecticism and unconventionality, providing a platform for each artist's unique voice. Centering the Black voice and cultural aesthetic, Good Soil encourages interactions with diverse cultural influences, and their varied experiences contribute to a broader artistic landscape. These initiatives challenge standardized repertoires, showcasing artists and productions that defy convention.

Good Soil Productions will present "Come Get This Joy," a project dedicated to spreading the joy of voting among Atlanta voters through an outdoor comedy/music/improv hybrid performance. The non-partisan show invites audience participation while encouraging engagement in the 2024 general election, aiming to spread the non-partisan joy of voting and boost civic engagement during an election year.

Good Soil, is committed to cultivating a more expansive and dynamic artistic landscape. By elevating artists who infuse their lived experiences and cultural perspectives, we aim to create a platform that breathes life into a rich tapestry of creativity and expression.

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