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Ashli J. Washington

Project Support Grant - Documentary Film

Ashli J. Washington is an unapologetically bold filmmaker, dedicated to crafting narratives that amplify and celebrate the rich tapestry of the Black experience, with a particular focus on the brilliance of Black women. Ashli seeks to provoke meaningful conversations through her work by exploring the complexities of love, family dynamics, and the ever-evolving journey of self-identity.

The documentary "Relatable" aims to bridge that gap by celebrating the stories of Black millennial women in Atlanta who redefine their narratives amid outdated norms in a world where Black women often feel isolated in their unique experiences. The film explores their challenges and triumphs in areas such as family, relationships, career choices, and parenthood.

Ashil's commitment to creating worlds that transcend societal constraints speaks to a profound desire for inclusivity and authenticity in the cinematic realm. With each project, she strives to carve out spaces where Black women can not only see themselves but thrive in narratives that are as diverse and dynamic as the real-world experiences they embody.

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