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Grant Recipient

Operational Support - Art Engagement

Artist Forum was founded with the core purpose of offering a platform where local emerging artists can effectively market and sell their creations, while simultaneously fostering an interactive community of passionate art enthusiasts for networking and learning opportunities.

A&E funding will support the goal of fostering a vibrant and inclusive arts community through monthly art shows that celebrate diversity, innovation, and talent. The monthly shows, including immersive experiences like panels, artist markets, and live art, are hosted Downtown and allow artists to increase their visibility, meet potential buyers, and connect with other creatives in their community.

Artist Forum recognizes the challenges faced by artists in terms of visibility and the limited avenues available to showcase their talents to a wider audience. Their overarching mission is to cultivate and nurture a welcoming and secure environment where those pursuing a professional career in the realm of visual artistry as well as art enthusiasts, can thrive.

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