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Organizational Support Grant - Cultural Exchange & Cinema

The African Film & Arts Foundation Inc., (AFAF) is a 501 c (3) non-profit media arts organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose mission is to magnify and celebrate the visions, voices, lives and stories of people from Africa and the African Diaspora through the lens of arts and culture.

A&E Funding will support Cinema for the Culture a key event for the African Film & Arts Foundation Inc. that seeks to demystify the African continent through monthly screenings of positive, relatable images. Each event features a filmmaker in-conversation session, fostering cultural celebration among enthusiasts of African art forms. This initiative joyfully marks the resurgence of love and interest in African popular culture.

Through strategic partnerships with diverse community groups, institutions and businesses, the foundation’s premium is on fostering cross-cultural bridges, engendering inspirations, training the next generation in leadership roles in the entertainment industry, professional relationships and enriching experiences that boost our common humanity.

Signature events include, the African Film Festival Atlanta is the first home grown African Film Festival in Georgia which features an impressive lineup of thought-provoking films and engaging panel discussions, hoping to challenge stereotypes, break down cultural barriers, and promote a deeper understanding of African culture and its rich artistic heritage by fostering dialogue and exchange between artists and audiences; and the Cinema for the Culture, a monthly/quarterly program featuring film screenings and in conversation session with filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora; African Reel Video Blog series showcasing the life’s and talents of people of African descent in the entertainment industry.

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