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Amber Enadeghe

Project Support Grant - Therapeutic Art Series

Amber Enadeghe, the creative force behind Artistically Esoteric, LLC, founded in 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, is a dynamic artist and entrepreneur. Graduating as Valedictorian from the George Washington Carver School of the Arts, she earned the Wellesley Women's Book Award in 2009 for her dedication to empowering youth through visual and performance art.

A&E funds will support a Therapeutic Arts Initiative offering a transformative exploration of self-discovery, resilience, and mindfulness through functional art experiences, culminating in a grand showcase curated for and by the community. The 12-week program goal is to elevate downtown's culture through free therapeutic arts guided by local artists, enriching the community as an opportunity for individuals to inspire exploration and discover new talents

Throughout her professional career, Amber hosted outreach events and creative workshops for nonprofits nationwide including the Amputee Coalition, Wounded Warrior Project, and Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, showcasing her talent in crafting engaging experiences. Her expertise in the arts, community engagement, and therapeutic practices drives the company to help clients break stagnation, unlock artistic potential, and foster a vibrant artistic community.

Amber Enadeghe is a catalyst for artistic innovation and positive impact, shaping a creative legacy that extends far beyond the canvas.

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